Calgary Naturist Camping

Naturist Camping: Upcoming Events

For this year's camping season, we are hosting nude Family Friendly Campout once a month from May to September.  

We are located just outside Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Upcoming event dates :

April 13th Nude Barbecue and Games Night 

May 17-20th Nude Campout 

June 21-23th Nude Campout 

July 4-15th Nude Campout Stampede Week (detail bellow)

August 30th- September 2nd Nude Campout 

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Please email or message us for more information. 


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Naturist Camping: Stampede Weeks

We are happy to announce that we are offering 12 day of camping during the Calgary Stampede. July 4- July 15 2024.

This is a clothing optional family friendly naturist/ nudist camping event. We have limited space so get your reservations in early.

$35.00 a night for RV and $25.00 night for tents.

We do not have water , power or septic service on sites. However, we do have a bathroom and out door shower. If you have any questions please email or to contact our admin team.

We look forward to our first ever Stampede weeks camping event. 

All are welcome to join us and be a part of this awesome time together.


Our Core Values

Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd. is dedicated to providing outdoor opportunities for fellow naturists, safe from negative, overt and unwanted attitudes toward the practice of naturism.  It is a family-friendly group.  All are welcome regardless of gender, marital status, age, ethnic origin and sexual orientation.