Policies and Guidelines

We would like to remind everyone of the basic etiquette requirements of social naturism:

1. Participation and Commitment

While the Directors have many ideas about how to offer naturist camping experiences, there is no monopoly on good ideas, suggestions and assistance. All participants are welcome to make suggestions and offer assistance to help make our experiences safe, relaxing, and fun for all.

2. Photography

All photography that includes fellow campers must only occur with their prior awareness and consent. Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd. has a photographer who takes photos for our publication purposes. Other photographs, taken according to the above criteria, may be accepted for publication.

3. Privacy and Safety

Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd. does not collect, store or share any participants' personal information on this site. Official photographs appearing on this site are shared for personal use only at the express request and permission of the subject(s).

4. Hygiene

When sitting on any furniture, please use a towel or some other item as a hygienic barrier.

5. Body Positive

Please avoid staring or gawking. People come to Naturism from a wide variety of personal places, and could be made to feel uncomfortable. The same goes for any specific comments about someone’s body, no matter how complimentary the intent.

6. Overt Sexuality

It is remarkable how often this matter has to be addressed within naturist groups. Simply put, save your sexual enthusiasm for the confines of your accommodations, and keep the noise down. We also discourage any discussions of sexuality that could be deemed to be, or received as, inappropriate, demeaning or threatening, especially in a family naturist setting.

7. Drugs and Alcohol

Excessive consumption of legal substances leading to rude, loud and obnoxious behavior is definitely not wanted on the voyage. You’re not as funny as you may think.

Consumption of illegal substances is definitely out of the question, and will result in you being told to leave the event.

8. Assumption of Risk and Liability

By registering to camp with Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd, participants acknowledge and accept any and all risks associated with wilderness camping. Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd. assumes no liability, in whole or in part, for any injury, death and/or expenses occurring from the same, incurred to any participant in a Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd. event, and release and hold harmless Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd. from all liabilities and claims that arise in any way from any damage, injury, trauma, illness, loss, unwanted contact, harassment, disability, dismemberment or death that occurs while in attendance at a Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd. event.

Furthermore, participants hereby completely, irrevocably and unconditionally release and discharge Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd. and its participants from any and all claims, damages, losses, expenses, suits, discrimination or other charges, demands, debts, liens, damages, costs, attorneys' fees, prejudgement or other interest, grievances, injuries, actions or rights of action of any nature whatsoever now or in the future arising in any way out of or in connection with participation in any Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd. event.

9. Event & Registration, ID. and Payment

Registration is via event registration form when available . Sites are limited, so early registration is advised.

All campers must present valid ID (i.e. driver’s license) at the gate prior to entry. Families with minors must present the minor’s birth certificate and/or proof of guardianship. Where minors are accompanied by an adult who is not a parent or legal guardian, a Parental Consent must be completed and submitted before Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd. can accept the registration.

Fee payment is via e-transfer ONLY to calgarynaturistcamping@gmail.com, and must be completed 24hrs prior to the start of the event. Unfortunately, the fee is non-refundable, either in part or whole. Directions to the campground and gate entry instructions will be provided once registration and payment are complete. Check-in and check-out times may vary with each event. Registered participants will be notified accordingly.