1. Is nudity compulsory?

No. Weather alone may dictate that decision. First-time participants may need to take their time in order to fully embrace nudit. On the other hand, where it is apparent that an individual has no intention of embracing nudity, but simply enjoys seeing other nude people, that person could be asked to leave, and will not be invited to participate in future events sponsored by Calgary Naturist Camping Ltd.

2. What happens if I get an erection?

It means that you’re alive. Seriously though, it’s a normal function of the male anatomy. Ignore  it or cover it until it subsides. Nobody will judge you because it happened, but don’t display it.

3. Is there a minimum number of booking days for each event?

No. Book for as many nights as you wish. If you decide to stay longer than your original booking,  and provided that the space is available, we can only accept a cash payment as there is no internet service of any kind.

Email us if you have any question or concerns:  calgarynaturistcamping@gmail.com